Development Arrested

Moments before her arrest, Lucille Bluth sells the company to Stan Sitwell. After years of investigation, the SEC finally deduced that it was Lucille who was the brains of the money laundering. (“Development Arrested“) Stan immediately sold the shares to Lucille Austero for a loss. Months later, Michael sold his shares to Lucille Austero, giving her a majority ownership of the company. She renamed the company into the Austero Bluth Company. (“Flight of the Phoenix“). These decisions would have been documented in SEC filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, leaving out much of the context.

Public companies, certain insiders, and broker-dealers are required to make regular SEC filings. Investors and financial professionals rely on these filings for information about companies they are evaluating for investment purposes. Many, but not all SEC filings are available online through the SEC’s EDGAR database.

I redesigned this database. Until its development too, was arrested.