According to the Internet, this is what Europeans think breakfast in America is like.

this is exactly what breakfast in america is like

um, excuse u but we dont put our breakfast on multiple plates like little wieners.  if theres no room on our breakfast plate, we put our breakfast on top of other breakfast.  usa usa

This is totally ridiculous.

The coffee is way too small, it’s short at least 1 egg, there’s no jam for the toast, & the gun doesn’t have the fork attachment.

This breakfast is unacceptable. The USA has spoken.

I see no sausage link train around the bacon mound, and that handgun? Are you kidding me? Americans don’t eat with handguns at the table, I am highly offended by your lack of faith in the American people. Breakfast is time for a morning AR-15, we only bring handguns for special, proper occasions.

And a breakfast without Obama-O’s? No taste.

I’m not going to even mention the lack of American Eagle standing at attention with the daily paper.


This is totally stupid.

Where are the pancakes?

uh guns must ALWAYs be on the the LEFT side your plates you uncultured fucks

Okay, I’ve seen this go by three times and it’s really bothering me because this is NOT how we do things in America and it’s giving other countries the wrong impression of us.

We would never eat anything off dishes with a flower pattern on them. All our best dishes have portraits of Rambo. This is ludicrous.

Missing some tortillas